Edward Snowden warns against using ExpressVPN

Joao Guimares

Edward Snowden Warns Against Using ExpressVPN

Edward Snowden raised concerns about using ExpressVPN following revelations that three Americans, including a current executive at ExpressVPN, admitted their involvement in cyber espionage in the United Arab Emirates.

Edward Snowden


The three agents were part of Project Raven, tasked with monitoring third parties on behalf of the UAE. Their activities included hacking into U.S. computer networks and the accounts of journalists, hostile governments, and human rights activists. Notably, one of the three agents is a current executive of ExpressVPN. The case of Daniel Gericke, in particular, has attracted significant attention.

Edward Snowden issued a strong warning: “If you’re an ExpressVPN customer, you shouldn’t be.”

ExpressVPN’s Acquistion and Concerns

As previously mentioned, ExpressVPN was acquired and has connections to the military. What’s crucial here is that many of the advertisements we see on review websites appear to be from third parties, but the interests behind them are far from transparent. It’s concerning to see that despite these revelations, some people still recommend expensive and inconvenient overseas VPN services. It seems as though these services are being sold for the benefit of others.

A Better Alternative

Among foreign service providers, the most popular choice in China is SimpleLink, known for its adaptability and advanced features.

We highly recommend use SimpleLink, an EU company running proxy servers services in China using IEPL and IPLC private lines with Trojan protocol since 2019. For more details about SimpleLink, please check here.

SimpleLink constantly adjusts its servers to the Chinese network environment, ensuring it can change IPs and adapt to constantly evolving firewall. Moreover, the connections are optimized in China, making it a reliable choice for users.

In summary, while ExpressVPN may have been a popular choice in the past, the recent revelations about its executive’s involvement in cyber espionage have raised significant concerns. Users are advised to explore alternatives like the Proxy Servers (so called “airports” in Chinese), known for its superior circumvention capabilities in China.

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